• Each epoch has its own lights and shadows. The twenty-first century faces, among other things, environmental problems. Caring for the natural world does not have to mean, however, the need to give up good quality products, aesthetic preferences, dreams of moments of relaxation in the aura of unique fragrances.
  • Soy candles la vela were made by hand from the highest quality soy wax and excellent fragrance oils imported from France – the center of the world of perfume, art and good taste. Carefully selected essential oils, which in addition to soy wax are the basic material of candles, are a guarantee of unique sensations – each type of candle la vela is a separate, unique adventure, a special mood and a unique feast of fragrances. Our products are also objects that can become a discreet decoration of any room, they will always fit perfectly into the space. The subtle and timeless beauty of classic candle shapes la vela is perfectly emphasized by minimalist glass packaging and the color of labels corresponding to the fragrance bouquet and announcing extraordinary experiences in the world of intense fragrances.
  • Soy candles la vela are an excellent alternative to paraffin candles. They burn much longer than traditional ones, and wax obtained from soybeans emits a negligible amount of harmful substances when burned, decomposes quickly and does not pollute the environment. In accordance with ecological trends, la vela candles and fireplace waxes are placed in biodegradable packaging and protected with ecological fillers created exclusively from materials of plant origin (condenser) during transport.